Finding Family and Divorce Lawyers

Finding Family and Divorce Lawyers

If you live in Australia, it is easy to find family and divorce lawyers whenever you need them. The lawyers can help you through divorce cases and other settlements, such as child custody and sharing of property. However, it is important to have some information about best divorce law firm in Melbourne before you begin to look for them.

Costs Of Legal Representation

You will agree with the lawyer on the fees you need to pay for representation. The only respite you can have, if you think the charges are too high, is to appeal to the law society branch in your area. Courts do not handle disputes between lawyers and their clients on matters of fee. The best way to come to an agreement is to discuss the issue with the lawyer himself.

Application for Costs

If for any reason you feel that the other party, usually your current or former spouse, should shoulder the costs of the case, then you can apply for that in court. Family and divorce lawyers typically advice their clients on how to make such an application. But it is important to note that courts usually apply a party-party costs order in family cases. This means that one party in the case is ordered to pay the costs of the case. Your spouse will either pay for the case, or you will be ordered to pay. When one party commits serious violations of court orders, or unnecessarily elongates the case, they can also be made to bear the costs.

Indemnity Costs

A party that has incurred some costs can apply for indemnity. Indemnity costs are all the expenses incurred in the process of litigation including fees paid for legal services. These costs can be granted by a court, provided that they are reasonable and justifiable. A separate application can be made for indemnity in the course of proceedings, so that all are sufficiently covered when costs are granted. Remember even losses incurred in business can be covered under indemnity. The court may grant full or partial indemnity depending on how the judge decides.

Child Custody and Sharing of Property

Either parent or guardian may be granted custody of the children or be awarded a share of the property. During custody proceedings, family and divorce lawyers usually do their best to portray their clients as the best suited to take care of the children. Property is usually shared based on certain factors. These include the individual’s contribution towards the acquisition of the property, and the responsibility either party will shoulder after the settlement.

It is Important to Have a Family and Divorce Lawyer

Going into a divorce proceeding without a qualified lawyer is like going to war without weapons. The lawyer will help you to understand the costs of the case, help you apply to be granted costs, assist you in getting indemnity and fight for you to get custody and property. Navigating through all these processes on your own can be difficult and confusing. Moreover, you may leave out important information that could work in your favor. The lawyer will make sure you don’t make that mistake.

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