How to Prepare a Simple Rental Agreement?

How to Prepare a Simple Rental Agreement?

A rental agreement is a document that is signed between a property owner and a renter, and is legally binding in form. It varies from a lease agreement in the sense that the contract happens month-to-month and is not long-term in form. This type of contract expires every month and then renews according to the kind of agreement between the parties. Here are some steps for you to prepare a simple rental agreement.


First and foremost, you have to research about the laws that are relevant. In the US, various states have varied commands and you have to be clear about your state’s laws. You might wish to get in touch with the courthouse in your county and request for a copy of the local housing laws and make a study of safety and health laws. In case your state has a few laws on rent control, you might also have to know about the same. You should also know about the room rental agreement laws that are relevant about security deposits.


Once you have prepared all the legal issues in a proper way, you may begin drafting your contract. You have to include every bit of information about your premises in detail at the start of the contract. This should be followed up with maintenance policy, repairing terms, fee policy, security deposit, payment clauses, consequences in case the agreement is broken, particular rental terms and more. Always keep a block / space for date and signatures.


If you are done with writing the apartment rental agreement, you need to get in touch with an attorney and know about the legal problems in the contract to ensure accuracy in your document and avoid any errors. It is important to revise the contract and make sure that it is valid. You may download all kinds of legal forms online for free from this website –

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