How to Protect Your Future After a DUI

How to Protect Your Future After a DUI

If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, the steps you take now can impact your future in many ways. Failing to enlist the help of a DUI lawyer makes it that much harder to safeguard your future and protect your rights. On the other hand, a talented legal expert can give you a hand and enhance your odds of reaching a favorable outcome. Contact Goodman DUI when you need a lawyer you can trust. The Law Office of Louis J. Goodman will stand in your corner and uphold your rights while defending your reputation.

DUI Penalties

Knowing what penalties you can face if the court convicts you is vital to making the right choice for your situation. This information paints a clear picture of what you will likely experience if you don’t have legal representation. Fines, jail time and a loss of driving privileges are what you can expect if you don’t win your case, and these issues can make your life go downhill sooner than you likely thought possible. Some people believe they won’t face harsh penalties if it’s their first DUI offense, but that is not always true. Some judges will still make an example of you to discourage others from drinking and driving. Losing your ability to drive can impact your job and make things much more complicated. Reduce your odds of facing those issues by speaking with a lawyer the first chance you get.

How a DUI Lawyer Can Help

Your DUI lawyer begins by reviewing your case and the evidence the state intends to use against you at your trial. To defend your freedom, the DUI lawyer will look for mistakes the police made while collecting or looking for evidence. Your lawyer can try using police mistakes to remove key pieces of evidence from your trial, causing the state’s case to fall apart. After sharing evidence with the state, your lawyer will try getting you a reasonable plea deal so that you can avoid the risk of going to trial. You can still decide to fight in the courtroom if you are not happy with the terms of the deal.

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