Things to take care if you are involved in a car accident

Things to take care if you are involved in a car accident

Even the best of the drivers can get into a car accident. The car accident is much stressful and can even be fatal or can cause serious injuries. This requires time off work for recovery and proper diagnosis and medical treatment.

Here are the procedural steps to take in the response of the car accident:

  •    The accident has just happened and you’ve come to a complete stop. Turn off your car and turn off your hazard lights.
  •    Check for the injuries of everybody involved: Even for minor injuries of passengers, police should be called.
  •    If possible place your vehicle at the side of the road.
  •    Check for breathing, consciousness, and signs of neck or back or head injury before moving anyone.
  •    Take photos as evidence
  •    Place road flares or warning signs if the accident took place at night.
  •    Beware of flammable liquid that may have spilled during the collision.
  •    Check for damage to the vehicle: If the total damage of every car is more than $2000, then the police should be called.
  •    Exchange Information: Record names, addresses, license numbers, insurance information and contact information of all the involved drivers.
  •    Report to the police:
  •    Never leave the scene without the permission of the police.
  •    Call your insurance company soon after the accident and ask for filing the insurance claim.

Dos and Don’t’s:

  1.    Remain calm and steady
  2.    Do not involve in arguments with other drivers and passengers
  3.    Discuss your point with the police
  4.    Do not voluntarily assume liability or sign statements of being in fault or any promise to pay damage unless police comes.
  5.    Watch for unauthorized tow trucks.
  6.    Always keep a first aid emergency box inside your vehicle. Keep certain things in the trunk of your vehicles like pen and paper, first aid box, disposable camera, emergency road flares, FSCO’s accident worksheet, fire extinguisher, flashlights, drinking water, thermal blanket etc.
  7.    Report fraud if you suspect to be a scam

Contact Car Accident Lawyer in Toronto:

It is always advisable to call a car accident lawyer Toronto if you happen to meet with an accident. The lawyer will prevent you from signing any fraud document or undue liability of paying for the damage.

Car Accident Lawyer will not only guide you what to do net but will advise you for the police proceedings if any. He or she will further prevent you from any fraud as well. In case, if the insurance company denies the claim, the car accident lawyer in Toronto will fight for you to provide you the entitled claim.

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