Tips When Speaking To A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Jacksonville Florida

Tips When Speaking To A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Jacksonville Florida

No matter where you are you might need a criminal defense attorney Jacksonville FL included. Now, these are the people who will help you when you are in a sticky situation. That situation is when you are arrested. Now, even if they are there to help you can’t just talk to them like they are your childhood friend. There still needs to be a level of decorum as well as critical elements to be aware of. That in mind here are some essential tips when talking to criminal defense lawyers in Jacksonville Florida.

Only Talk to Your Attorney

If you are talking with an attorney, then you are probably under arrest or under threat of being arrested. That in mind only discuss your case with your attorney. Should things go down and you go up to court, if your opposition uses someone you talked to about the case it might get dangerous. They might share information that came from you from a different perspective, and it might cost you. ]

Be Cooperative with your Attorney.

When you are talking with one of the great criminal lawyers Jacksonville FL, you have to be cooperative. That means many things like correctly answer their questions, give them true statements, and not withholding information. Remember, that your lawyer is the one to represent you in court and prior. If they don’t have the right information or if you give them a hard time when they are talking to you, those can negatively affect your case.

Think about it this way, you are about to be in trouble, and your attorney is the only one who can help. If you were the attorney would you want to work hard for someone who doesn’t answer calls, attend meetings, or give the necessary information regarding the case? Be cooperative it can keep you from close yet unnecessary jail time.

Tell the Story in the Right Order

We all have that friend who is telling one story and ends up telling a completely different story after being distracted. Sometimes, we are that friend. Well, if you are that type of person, do yourself a favor and don’t be like that. Tell your story correctly and in the right order.

Your lawyer is only human, so there are a few considerations when telling your story to them. First is to speak in moderate fashion if you talk too fast they might not be able to understand you. Another one is to come with notes before talking with them. This keeps you from long distractions, at the same time it helps you to track making sure that you are giving things in chronological order. Details in things like that are beneficial in strengthening your case in the court,

Be Transparent With your lawyer

This is in addition to the first couple of tips. When dealing with justice and the law you can’t skip out on the details. Even if you are guilty, you have to give your lawyer all of the details as they can help get you a lighter sentence. It is also a help to them as they won’t be surprised by what the opposition has as you already gave them the complete story with all the details.

Now, to help with this, you can try writing things down in a notebook first. Small efforts like this show that you are the type of client that is not only easy to deal with but also quite cooperative. This adds to your credibility as a client and can help shave off more time to your sentence should that be the case.

Stay Cal, and collected.

So you are already talking or are set to meet with your lawyer. Perfect, but, remember to keep your composure. It can be scary if your being arrested or are about to be arrested. Still panicking about it won’t help at all. You will be prone to lapses in the story, and all even make stuff up or omit parts entirely.

Overall, when talking to your Criminal defense attorney, you need to remember only four things. First, you have to be calm and collected. Two, you have to provide the story in complete detail and in chronological order. Third, Be transparent with your lawyer. Lastly, the fourth thing is to be cooperative with your lawyer. If you follow these tips, then you are not only making your attorney’s life more comfortable but maybe even your sentence.

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